Fields of Lavender & Grapes * Paris

Bob, Jillian and I flew from Kansas to Canada, onto Paris, France.   After a twelve-hour flight, we were so happy to be on land.    After the craziness of the airport and customs, we made it out to the taxi stand.  Our taxi driver drove us to our hotel, The Les Relais De Paris.  It was located along the Seine and one block from the Eiffel Tower.  We were so excited to check-in, clean-up and explore the city!  The receptionist informed us that she gave our room away despite us paying 4 weeks in advance; she was so rude!  The receptionist stated that she booked us in another hotel down the street.  To make a very long story short, we were now moving to The Hotel Beaugrenelle; a very pleasant place with a deep tub which I loved after walking miles a day!  Their breakfasts were great too. 

One of our first sight seeing attractions was the Eiffel Tower.  Jillian and I rode up the elevator with approximately 40 Japanese businessmen.  When getting to the top, the sight of Paris was breathtaking!   The only snafoo was that I forgot my camera.

The Louvre Museum was amazing!  I enjoyed seeing the Crown Jewels; Crystal Chess Set; Jusepe Ribera’s Collection; Contessa de Carpio by Francisco Goya; The four seasons; Wings of Victory; and The Mona Lisa.  Jillian like the Crown Jewels and Mona Lisa the most.  After the Louvre, we took a walk down to Champs-Elysees.  We shopped and ate 25.00 Banana Splits. Windowed shopped all the

The Musee d’Orsay was spectacular!  We enjoyed this gallery more than The Louvre.  It’s well known for its impressionism collections.  I had too many favorites to list.

We found a great place to shop, eat and people watch…The Latin Quarter.  It was such a hip area.  Definitely a place to explore again in the future.

We strolled by Notre Dame Cathedral; however the lines were so long , we decided to pass.   

Be sure to enjoy all the delicious food while in France:  Macarons; Chocolates; Pomme-Frites; Beignets; Bread; Croissants; Soups; Cheeses; Pastries; Duck; Quiches; and Steak.

After enjoying many days in Paris, We packed our luggage and began our next journey.   The next part of our trip was going to be quite special.  Touring Provence, Cote-d’Or in Burgundy, Saint-Remy, Fontenay, Circuit des lavoirs en cote-d’or, and Troyes was everything we thought it would be and more.

We mapped out our own driving tours and rented a car for the rest of our trek.  This was Jillian’s first driving experience with Bob in Europe…Oh my!  It took us three hours to get from Paris to our mill house in Greiselles.  The house was named L’Eau.  The romantic grounds of the 18th century mill, “Le Moulin la Forge” were absolutely breathtaking; the flower gardens were stunning as well.    A small river ran along the property; Beavers were building dams along the river; it was our entertainment at sunrise and sunset.  The small village of Griselles housed 150 locals; it was located in the Bourgogne region of France and located right next to the town Laignes.  We entered the Cypress lined driveway to the property and stopped at the turquoise gate closing the Forge. Fabienne (The Owner) met us at the gate gleefully.  She then led us to our accommodations.   The Cottage was an Iron Mill from 1750.  A small river actually ran through the Mill’s sunroom.  This was one of the most peaceful places I’ve stayed in.    The kitchen had one wall of windows above the sink and stove that opened onto the patio filled with orange and purple lilies.  I did cook some here because of the limited restaurants and the great food at the local market.

We decided it would be fun to take a tour of all the historic bath houses from the 800’s- 1880’s.  This was one of my favorite tours ever!

Another special memory was exploring the medieval village, high in the hills of Dijon in southern France, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain.  This village was made famous from the movie Chocolat.  The town goes back to the eighth centuries.  A Benedictine Abbey was founded in the year 719.   The monks were known for also running an Anise pastilles factory.

This particular trip was so special because we were able to share so much history, culture and art with Jillian.  I hope to take her there again in the future.

I will write another blog about another trip to Paris, Provence and the French Rivera.

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2 thoughts on “Fields of Lavender & Grapes * Paris

  1. oh how you made me miss travell.
    oh how you made me miss France.
    oooh how you made me miss Paris.
    Thank you so much for rekindling all those memories!


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