My Husband’s struggle with a Weighted Blanket

Note:  Bob has been embarrassed about sleeping in a fetal position for years (just kidding). 

Bob decided he was going to look into buying a weighted blanket; he thought it would help him stop sleep walking.   Our daughter Jillian mentioned that she had purchased one several months before and raved about hers!  After dragging the internet; reading articles about the pro’s and con’s, reviewing ratings, and Consumer Reports like Bob normally does.   He purchased his 25 lb. (YIKES) blanket because he weighs 215 lbs. and it’s made by Bearaby.

I told Bob to get a blanket for his side of the bed only.  I didn’t want any part in the weighted blanket experience!  I have several phobias and unfortunately a unique one called trapaphobia; I don’t like the feeling of being trapped, caught under something or most of all not being able to move my feet at night.  Fluffy covers are my cup of tea!

A weighted blanket is just what it sounds like – they are heavy blankets. They generally range from 5-25 lbs. and filled with plastic pellets, glass, or sand to create the extra weight. The added weight spread across the entire body can create a sense of calm and security, which can improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and stress.  Companies are marketing them as a solution for insomnia as well as nighttime anxiety and stress reduction. And people are buying. Sales of the blankets have surged in the past two years.  Most weighted blankets cost at least $100 and often more than $200.  Bob paid $279

Weighted blankets are supposed to work much the same way tight swaddling helps newborns feel snug and secure so they can doze off more quickly. The blanket basically simulates a comforting hug, in theory helping to calm and settle the nervous system.   Maybe I haven’t been showing Bob enough love?

Companies that sell the blankets typically recommend that you buy one that weighs approximately 10% of your body weight, which would mean a 15-pound blanket for a 150-pound person.  Bob bought a 25 lb. blanket.  When Jillian and her husband Adam found out the weight of Bob’s new blanket…they giggled so hard.  They told us he wouldn’t be able to move (true). 

Bob received his blanket delightfully!  After I struggled to drag the delivery box from our porch to the inside of our house, unwrap it from the box and actually lifted it onto the bed (I then had to rest), He had to decide how he was going to use it.   Bob normally doesn’t like to sleep under covers????  I know, I know…. So, why did he buy a weighted blanket you ask????? 

The first few weeks he experimented with his blanket.  He carefully folded it different ways each night, spread it out on my side as well (that didn’t work!), and wrapped himself in the blanket like a burrito!  He tells me he enjoys it; says “It’s like a cocoon”, “I don’t dream as much as I used to” and “It’s warm”.   It is an ongoing experiment.

It’s been over two month’s and Bob is now trying vertical and horizontal arrangements with his blanket; I’m not confident he likes it as much as he says he does. He falls asleep faster, sleeps longer and snores less.  Because he spent so much on this new bed accessory…he won’t give up on it just yet!

We now have the Berlin Wall in the middle of my Queen size bed!  This bothers me.  I used to be able to wrap my legs around my husband in the middle of the night; now his blanket acts as a wall.  My legs can’t lift under that damn blanket.

Overall, Bob has enjoyed his experiences so far.  But I want to share some comments he has made over the past several weeks.

“If the house catches on fire I will burn to death before I can get out”

“Once I get strapped in you will have to get me anything I need because I can’t get anything myself”

“It keeps me from falling out of bed”

“It’s a new way of working out each time you move in your sleep”

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2 thoughts on “My Husband’s struggle with a Weighted Blanket

  1. Sorry Bob, this is way tooo funny *snicker*
    I am convinced not to get a weighted blanket.


    1. Werner,

      He finally gave up🤣🤣🤣. I bought the two of us weighted blankets that were substantially more inexpensive, half the weight of the one he had, and hot/cold sensitive and we LOVE them!!!!!


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